The Latest News of the International Campus : Meeting between Board of Directors and University Managers, with Dr. Harirchi, Deputy Minister, and Deputy Minister of Health

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A meeting between the Board of Directors and Managers of the University was conducted, with the Deputy Minister, Deputy Minister of Health and Medical Education, Dr. Haririachi, and Dr. Kabir (previously the director of health insurance) in attendance, at the University of Shahid Avini.

Dr. Haririachi expressed, during the meeting that the achievements fulfilled by the Health Development Plan were in thanks to the exertion of the University staff and other employees. He voiced that the government has spent a tremendous amount of time and effort in the field of health and wellness. He asserted: "No country in the world has been able to reduce the out-of-pocket cost for the people, regarding medicine, in just one year: today 96% of Iranian medicine is being manufactured in the country."
"We, in Iran, thankfully, have enough medicine and such great achievements, which are the result of the Islamic Republic's religious system," the Deputy Minister of Health added. 
Speaking briefly on the Supreme Leader of Iran, Dr. Haririachi remarked that he succeeded in implementing the program for the development of health and sustaining it, "thanks to the support of the Supreme Leader and the full efforts of all health activists."
Dr. Haririachi indicated that due to the potential and capacity of the province (Golestan), the program is expected to help resolve health problems within the province. "Use the available election space and institutionalize your health," he concluded. 
Dr. Kabir, director of health insurance (care), said: "The nation's health train has been moving at a fast pace within the last three to four years, and we hope it will continue." He went on to say: "We have 14 health networks today, and our provincial health homes are civilian. We are relatively safe in terms of health care in regards to the previous state of deprivation."
It was noted, in the meeting, that among the cancer registration record, sound practices and procedures have been accomplished in the province. Provinces such as Golestan now have the capacity to create more opportunities for cancer patients.
Dr. Kabir mentioned that the government has made some positive measures towards improving public health sectors. He said: "The construction of special clinics was a great accomplishment, completed in its eleventh phase. If these clinics are linked to a referral system, this can become very effective. 
Worth noting, at the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Fazel, head of the University, gave a presentation on efforts that have taken place over the past six months in Golestan.
In the Chancellor's, Dr. Fazel's, report he spoke of several active and future projects: the national consultations for funding; the attraction and participation of specialists for public sector activities; the launch of mammograms in the city of Gonbad; angiographies in the Shahid Sayyad Shirazi Hospital of Gorgan; the start of an operation for the construction of a health center of traditional medicine; the formation of a cancer biobank and other measures to be taken. Additionally, he announced that a plan-of-action for an Emergency Department at the 5th Azar Educational Center is underway, but there is a shortage of resources needed to complete the construction. We are hoping that any resources needed will be provided by the ministry of health.
Dr. Fazel called for the establishment of a well-equipped cancer center in the province given the prevalence of cancer in Golestan. Regarding the implementation of the Na'ab plan and Sama'at plan in Golestan, he added that these projects have been welcomed by other provinces.
The chief of Golestan University of Medical Sciences headed the emergency first-aid and medical treatment for victims of the tragic explosion at a coal mine site in a "Free Zone." The University's health team remains in that area. "Our team is as proactive as possible regarding the incident," the Chancellor assured. 
On a final note, he referred to statistics on student payouts and reminded the attendees that there are still good research initiatives in cooperation with neighboring provinces.

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