Programs Introduction : Environmental Health

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Improving and providing people's basic needs
 Promoting and maintaining the health of individuals in the society
 Reform the structure of public health system
 Equitable participation of people in providing health care costs
 Improving food security and nutrition

General policies:
Expanding employment programs
Necessary measures to improve lives of people
Prevention of social, economic and environmental health threats
 Empowering people to modify health culture
 Improving public and private places' health and safety
given attention to age, gender and vulnerable employment groups
 Promotion of health and food safety
 Conservation of soil and water
 Improving animals' health, products and Places
 Production, storage, transportation and consumption of fertilizers, pesticides and environmental pollutants to care drinking water and food

Environmental health operational plans
 Pesticides and chemicals
 Fighting against insects and rodents
 Health operation on Villages
food centers and public places health control
Food hygiene control
Reducing the effects of natural disasters
Healthy City - Healthy Village Project
Smoking Control
Hospitals' environmental health control
 Hygiene control of water and wastewater
 Equipping and launching water and wastewater laboratories
 The air Hygiene

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