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1- How does the duration of educational loans determine?
According to Degrees

2- How many times necessary loans are paid to daily students?
Once during the educational period and based on level of degree and its amount is different.

3-what are the basic conditions for mortgage payments?
Marriage, rental housing, lack of dormitory

4- Who receives insurance loan?
All levels of university daily students except PhD and specialty students

5-How can we request for loan?
Refer to the student affairs department of your own university

6- What is the  web site address of Welfare Fund?

7- How many loan types can be paid to students?
eight types

8-What is the Welfare Fund location?
No 1605- on the corner of Gilan Ave. - Valiasr Str. Tehran. Iran
P.O. Box 1333/15815

9- How does the accommodation rent determine?
Rental rate and the room capacity

10-Which students can use tuition loan?
Students who have been accepted in university entrance exam of assessment and training organization

11- What are the basic conditions to get university loans?
Civil commitment of credible guarantor

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