Hospital responsibilities : Hospital Responsibilities

Hospital responsibilities
1-Evaluating hospitals' need to medical specialists
2- Collecting information about the general requirements for hospitals such as buildings, facilities, equipment, major repairs and etc. Providing relevant reports to the corresponding authorities
3- Annual Evaluation of health centers
4-Intermittent visits of the affiliated medical centers and providing the necessary solutions about available formats
 5-Assessing educational needs of hospital staff and holding training courses particularly in ((continuous quality improvement))
6-Determining the allocation and distribution of the new system in hospitals
7-Determining the units that have been privatized
8-Providing specialized comments in the establishment and development of medical centers
9-Evaluate the performance of doctors in hospitals
10-Distribution of aid budgets allocated by the Ministry of Health
11-Determinations of beds and required expertise in intensive care units
12-Monitoring the compliance with the approved tariffs
13-Coopration with insurance organizations on health tariffs
14-Review and provide expert opinions about institutional structures

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